Big Milestone for National Park Partnership Plan 2018 – 2023

After many months of public consultation and input by partners, this week saw a huge milestone achieved as the National Park Partnership Plan 2018-2023  went for submission to Scottish Ministers for its final stamp of approval.

The Community Partnership is looking forward to joining partners to play leading and supporting roles in several  Priorities for Action which include; community development and empowerment, supporting local services, conservation, and combatting climate change.

  • Conservation Priority 3.1 – Climate Change (Supporting Delivery Partners)
  • Rural Development Priority 12.3 – Local Services (Supporting Delivery Partners)
  • Rural Development 13.1 – Supporting Capacity of Community Organisations (Lead Delivery Partners)
  •  Supporting Community Led Action 13.2(Lead Delivery Partners)
  •  Supporting Partnership Working 13.3 (Lead Delivery Partners)

Click on the link to see the final  National Park Partnership Plan 2018 – 2023 http://bit.ly/2nRwnpZ


Strathard Initiative - View over Kinlochard as part of the Forest Visit for communities - July 2016



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