Iain Shonny Paterson - Director

Iain Shonny Paterson
National Park Area: Lomond

Welcome to one of our newest Board members! Iain (or Shonny as he prefers to be called) was born in Succoth farm Arrochar during the sixties.  His father and brother ran the farm and during the 80’s Shonny left Arrochar to travel abroad working as a coded welder.  Whilst on his travels Shonny met his wife in Australia and they now have a son and daughter who both attend their local primary school in Arrochar and Tarbet.

In 1997 he and his wife started a business in the National Park catering for people with learning difficulties and mental health problems. Shonny is also a councillor for Argyll and Bute council IainShonny.Paterson@argyll-bute.gov.uk.

In his spare time Shonny is a keen outdoor man and a member of the Arrochar Mountain Rescue Team and also likes to motorcycle and race his Triumph TR8 race car at various circuits in the UK.  His passion is training sheep dogs although he doesn’t get much time to do that now…..

Shonny is looking forward to meeting all our members in his new role on the Community Partnership Board!