View from Duke's Pass

Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park is home to almost 16,000 people. Living and working in the scenic splendour of an ever changing landscape. A landscape that supports community life and creates a unique community landscape that takes us from Benmore in the Cowal peninsula to Tyndrum at the very North of the Park.

The changing nature of the Park supports community development in a number of ways from realising the value of cultural and built heritage to harnessing the resources in the environment for community gain.

Rural life can also be challenging and our communities are constantly working to overcome some of the challenges they face. Transport, recreation facilities, community enhancement, housing and employment are just some of the issues faced within the Park.

Here we will look at some of the activities going on around the Park and how the Community Partnership, through the development of community action plans, is helping support community life in the Park.

Park Life

BUILT HERITAGE REPAIR GRANT (National Park Grant Schemes)

Rotten windows, leaking roofs..... Do you, or your community, own a listed building or a traditional property (pre 1919) in the National Park, that's in need of external repair? The National Parks Built Heritage Repair Grant may be able to offer some assistance. Deadline for applications 6 Jul 16. To… Read more »