Community Futures Goes Green

The original Community Futures Goes Green project was an energy saving and carbon reduction initiative involving eight communities located in and around Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park delivered with funding from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund. The project offered all householders in the eight communities:

  • face-to-face advice and information on how to improve home and energy habits
  • low cost insulation offers
  • use of an energy monitor to better understand where electricity is being wasted
  • information on generating their own energy through micro-renewables
  • training sessions on hard to treat properties.

These activities were supported by a range of initiatives in each community to raise awareness of energy saving issues. Workshops were held in each of the eight local primary schools and a banner created by the children for each of their communities to promote carbon saving. The Community Futures Goes Green team promoted the project at local events, such as gala days, to provide information and advice on carbon saving. The project also worked with Community Energy Scotland (CES) to identify how community buildings could be made more energy efficient and economical to run.

Work continues in this area under a Greener Park Community banner. Activities will be directed through themes emerging from the community action planning work but may include sustainable transport initiatives and sustainable energy solutions for communities. More information will be available as this work develops in the coming months.

CFGG Final Report (PDF)