Heritage Projects

Historic Kilmun

Historic Kilmun is the home of Argyll Mausoleum – final resting place of one of Scotland’s most powerful and infamous families; the chiefs of the Clan Campbell. From Sir Duncan in 1453 to Niall Diarmid in 1949, the Campbell chieftains were laid to rest on the green brae of Kilmun, and their stories, dark and light, echo in the stones. Historic Kilmun holds far more than Campbells. It is a place of beauty and fascination; a hidden jewel, and a vital link to Scotland’s past. It tells tales from St Fintan Munnu’s 7th century cell, to the working church of today; from ruined church towers to glorious stained glass; from the ‘Treemonger’ 3rd Duke of Argyll and his botany, to the ‘Mad Scientist of Kilmun’ and his parsnips; from Louise, sculptor and princess, to Elizabeth Blackwell, first woman doctor of modern medicine.

As well as tales of beheadings, body snatchers, ghosts, footballers, authors and big game hunters  the Argyll Mausoleum also plays a huge role in today’s community and holds a story about a group of community residents who have devoted their time and dedication to restore this amazing building, which will once again open its doors the public for the first time in centuries.  Since 2007, the restoration of the Mausoleum has been a community led project and has raised in excess of £2m in funding. To find out more visit www.historickilmun.org