Protect yourself from Lyme Disease

If you don’t want a ticking off from the doctor, then it’s time to swot up on your Lyme disease prevention.

We all know that Lyme disease is an infection caused by numerous strains of Borrelia most commonly spread by ticks. However Borrelia can also be transmitted congenitally and whilst research is desperately needed there is some debate about whether the illness can be transmitted sexually and via blood and organ donation.

Ticks have been discovered all over the UK including urban parks and gardens as well as woodland, heathland and long grass.  It is for this reason that communities and groups running outdoor events with volunteers or high risk activities that bring them into contact with ticks ensure the correct controls are put in place.

Seeking out a suitable Health and safety risk assessment for outdoor activities and tasks is highly recommended including one that we have adapted and available for you to use.

Risk Assessment Tick & Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease handout

To find out more about prevention and protecting yourself from Lyme disease visit www.lymediseaseuk.com.